About us

All of our purified water products are produced in-store. This purification process is carried out using only the best, most current and proven water purification technologies such as Reverse Osmosis, Ultra-filtration, Ultra Violet and Ozone, thus delivering top quality water required by all of our customers.

Not only do we supply bottled water and water refills, we also specialise in customised labeled bottled water, ice, water coolers & dispensers, business water dispenser contracts, and sparkling water. Whether it’s for your home or office – Gozone Ozonated Water is your hydrating solution.  Our team is here to assist, come and say hello!

In addition to water supply Gozone Centurion has the following water purification services in Africa.

  • Home water purification. (Lodges, Domestic and camp accommodation.
  • Water harvesting solutions
  • Emergency showers and eye wash stations focusing on process plants.
Geraldine Roux picture

Geraldine Roux


The company introduces Geraldine Roux, the back bone of Gozone Water Corp. Geraldine comes with entrepreneurial skills, organizing and customer service, to ensure all our staff and clients are treated in the utmost respect . 

Geraldine managerial skills is highly effective, making sure that the orders are on time to the highest quality and standards. 

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